Amie Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash 150ml



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Amie Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash is ideal for waking up your skin in the morning or for taking off the day's daily grime and build up before you hit the pillow at night. Amie Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash is ideal for all skin types.
This exceptional soap free cleansing wash removes all dirt, oil and make-up from your face without stripping or drying the skin.

• Active ingredients mayblossom and elderflower purify and decongest keeping oiliness in check and helping prevent spot formation
• Natural sugar moisturisers ensure skin is not stripped or dried out
• Orange blossom and raspberry tone pores and refresh skin

To use:
smooth over wet face and massage into skin avoiding direct contact with eyes. Rinse away with warm water and pat face dry with a clean towel. Use morning and night and follow with our wonderful matte-finish moisturiser, Morning Dew
All Amie products contain an average 95% natural ingredients and are designed to work in complete harmony with your skin.

Amie’s high-quality products are completely free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, petrochemicals, animal extracts and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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